Registered Maine Fishing Guides


Registered Maine Fishing Guides

Serving the Moosehead Lake Region and Northern Maine

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Maine Guides are licensed and registered with the State of Maine. "Guide" means any person who receives any form of remuneration for services in accompanying or assisting any person in the fields, forests or on the waters or ice within the jurisdiction of the State while white water rafting, hunting, fishing, trapping, boating, snowmobiling or camping at a primitive camping area.

A Registered Maine fishing guide is a person who has met the qualifications to guide fishing activities, including overnight camping trips in conjunction with those fishing activities on inland waters in the state of Maine.

To earn a specialized rating, Registered Maine Guides must satisfactorily completed a written examination in each license classification. In addition all Maine Guides have passed an oral examination. The oral exam is overseen by a panel of State of Maine Game Wardens and experienced Maine Guides. The oral exam includes: map and compass, lost person scenarios, navigation, survival, as well as questions to ensure the professional knowledge in the Guide's area of specialization.