Lake Fishing, Moosehead Region, Maine
Lake Fishing in the Moosehead Region
Moosehead Lake

The largest lake in Maine and certainly one of the most beautiful. There are large tracts of undeveloped shore, views of the surrounding mountains, and of course, the spectacular Mt. Kineo. This mountain has a sheer face which drops several hundred feet right to the lake. A hiking trail to the firetower on the summit is a must if it's your first visit to the area. The big lake has an over abundance of lake trout right now. If you're looking for a place to catch a few lakers to eat, then this is the place. There are salmon and brook trout in Moosehead as well. The best chance to get one is in the spring. After the water temperature warms in late June, the fishing gets more difficult and special gear is needed to get to the deeper cold water. You can access the lake at any of the following well maintained boat launching facilities: Rockwood, Greenville Jct, and the Lily Bay State Park. Other more primitive launching sites are available in Spencer Bay, Cowans Cove, and Seboomook. The lake opens to fishing on May 1st, but usually the ice isn't totally out until mid May. The special liberal regulations on lake trout include a 3 fish bag limit, only one greater than 18", all 3 may be between 14 and 18". Check the law book for other rules pertaining to the big lake.

Brassua Lake

This lake has brook trout and salmon. The lake is stocked but also has wild fish as well. The lake also has an abundant supply of yellow perch. There is a well developed boat launch associated with a primitive campground on the west end off Rt. 15. The special regulations include a 2 fish aggregate bag limit and 12" minimum length limit, only one greater than 14" on brook trout.

First Roach Pond

This pond has lake trout, brook trout, and salmon. The lake is stocked annually with salmon. There are two main access points, one at the dam on the outlet, the other the South Inlet Campground. This lake opens to fishing on May 1, has a 1 salmon limit with a 16" minimum length. Check the law book for other specials.

Lobster Lake

This large, undeveloped lake is managed for trophy lake trout and salmon. The fishing is generally slow but the average size is quite good. There is also a good white perch fishery here. There is a boat launch on the outlet. The Dept. of Conservation maintains some beautiful, remote campsites on the lake. The regulations include a 1 line limit, 1 fish limit, 23" minimum length of lake trout, 20" minimum length on salmon, and no live fish as bait.

Sebec Lake

This lake is just south of Greenville and is often overlooked by visitors to the Moosehead Region, but it offers a wide variety of fishing opportunities. There is good fishing for lake trout, salmon, smallmouth bass, pickerel and perch. There are public boat launches in Dover-Foxcroft(Greeley's Landing) and in Sebec Village near the outlet. There is also an access on the west end at Packard's Campground for a nominal fee.

Indian Pond

This large pond on the East and West Outlets of the Kennebec River offers some of the best smallmouth bass fishing in the Moosehead region. The action is fast and the bass can be good size. Be careful when boating on this lake, there are several unmarked reefs that could reach up and grab your boat if you're going too fast(just look for the paint!). You can launch a boat at the dirt launch off the access road that leaves Rt. 15 near Burnham Pond. There is a very nice paved boat launch at the outlet end and a nominal fee is requiGREEN. There is one other access point that tends to be a bit rough off the West Outlet Road along the old railroad bed.

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