Hiking Little Squaw Mountain ~ Moosehead Lake
Mt Kineo, Moosehead Lake
Hiking Little Squaw Mountain
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Many hikes in the Moosehead Lake Region require a great deal of travel, as is the case with Sally Mountain in Jackman, which is 50 miles away, and Little Russel Mountain, which is more than 60 miles away (as the crow flies - by road it is even longer). Even some hikes such as Number Four Mountain or the Elephant Mountain/B-52 hikes, which are much closer, still lie a half-hours drive away over dirt roads frequented by pulp trucks and moose. Wouldn't it be nice, then, to just come to Greenville - a destination which itself is already far enough away from virtually everywhere, thank you - hop out of your car and have a hiking trail at your feet?

Enter Little Squaw Mountain. At 2,126 feet tall, it has always sat on the edge of town, bordering Route 6/15, but it was not until recently that a hiking trail was etched on its rolling ridges. Although Big Squaw Mountain looms over it, the trail is every bit as challenging, winding through ponds and scenic overlooks. In fact, where the trail ends is less than a mile to where Big Squaw's begins, and someday soon they will be connected, culminating in one of the grandest hiking trails in the entire Moosehead Lake Region and indeed, the State of Maine.

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