Hiking Williams Mountain ~ Moosehead Lake Region
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Hiking Williams Mountain
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Were it not for the fire tower rising above the forested peak, Williams Mountain would be difficult to spot even from superb vantage points like nearby Coburn or Kineo Mountain. Located southwest of Brassua Lake and east of Parlin Pond, the 2,395 foot summit is surrounded by other similar ridges such as Misery Ridge and Chase Stream Mountain. Although difficult to find, the hike up Williams Mountain is quite easy and very rewarding.

Getting there: From Rockwood, drive 13.5 miles west, passing by Brassua Lake on the right. At the four-way intersection, turn left onto a very-well traveled dirt road marked by an S.D. Warren sign. After one mile turn right and continue for 2.3 miles. On the left is the road which goes to the hiking trail, but since it is in very poor condition you might wish to begin your hike here. There is no designated parking area.

The trail: The road crosses a small wet spot then becomes steep, lined with small cedar trees. This is the steepest section of the entire trail. Soon it becomes level, then rises gently and ends in a clearing from which are some pretty decent views of Long Pond in the north, Bean Brook Mountain and an unnamed mountain in the east. Of course the most prominent feature is the three large humps of Boundary Bald Mountain which dominate the skyline in the north.

From the clearing, the trail begins on the left. The beginning of the trail is easy to loose sight of as it is unblazed (although there is some infrequent orange flagging tape) and overgrown with weeds, as it winds through several wet spots and blowdowns. Stay near the blowdown and eventually, a well-worn path appears and rises at a moderate grade into a young fir forest, and as it levels out you can spot the 48 foot fire tower.

Amidst moss-covered logs and a few large yellow birches the trail continues along the ridge, rising somewhat steeper until it reaches the wardens cabin. This wardens cabin is one of two in the area that remain in such good condition, most have long since been torn down by either man or mother nature. There is also an antiquated privy nearby.

The trail finally ends at the vacant fire tower which sits on Williams Mountains peak only a few yards away. Only by climbing it will you discover one of Maine's best panoramas: Little Spencer, Big Spencer and Mount Katahdin, all in a row in the northeast. In the west is the peak of Coburn Mountain; in the south is Sugarloaf, Bigelow and Moxie Bald Mountain; in the north near Boundary Bald is Sandy Stream, Sandy Bay and Sally Mountain.

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