Weather Resources ~ Mooosehead Lake Region
First Snow

We have a saying here in this part of Maine, "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute!" And that saying is quite often true due to the changeable nature of our weather.

No matter what season you plan on visiting come prepared for any kind of weather.

Click on the Moosehead Region link below to get a detailed weather report for the Moosehead Region.

It's weather icon Moosehead Region

Maine Zone Forecasts - Look at the forecasts for the different weather zones in Maine.

Maine Zones
1) Northwest Aroostook County 2) Northeast Aroostook County
3) Northern Somerset County 4) Northern Piscataquis County
5) Northern Penobscot County 6) Southeast Aroostook County
7) Northern Oxford County 8) Northern Franklin County
9) Central Somerset County 10) Central Piscataquis County
11) Central Penobscot County 12) Southern Oxford County
13) Southern Franklin County 14) Southern Somerset County
15) Southern Penobscot County 16) Interior Hancock County
17) Central Washington County 18) Interior York County
19) Interior Cumberland County 20) Androscoggin County
21) Kennebec County 22) Interior Waldo County
23) Coastal York County 24) Coastal Cumberland County
25) Sagadahoc County 26) Lincoln County
27) Knox County 28) Coastal Waldo County
29) Coastal Hancock County 30) Coastal Washington County
31) Southern Piscataquis County 32) Northern Washington County