Wildlife ~ Mooosehead Lake Region
Mt Kineo, Moosehead Lake
Wildlife in the Moosehead Lake Region

One of the greatest attractions to the Greenville area is the abundance of wildlife. Moose, deer, bears, and other critters can be seen throughout the region. It is a great family experience to take a ride in the evening and see a bull moose feeding on aquatic plants beside the road.

In order to maximize your experience we have listed several places that will help ensure that you fill several rolls of film and create a lifetime full of memories.


One of the easiest ways to see a moose is to simply ride on Rt. 15 between Greenville and Rockwood at sunset during the summer months. The recent logging operations along the road provide an abundance of food for the browsing moose and an occasional deer. The back road from Greenville to Shirley is also a good road for moose watching. There are several boggy areas along the roadside which are frequented by moose. If you are looking for a more aesthetic experience then grab a canoe and paddle along the shore of a shallow pond around sunset. The moose often come to the ponds to feed on potassium rich aquatic plants in the early evening. They often take a late afternoon dip to get a break from the bugs, too! A couple of good ponds to check out would be Big Lyford Pond, Moosehead Lake. If you're staying in the Rockwood area then you could throw a canoe into the large deadwaters on the West Outlet. Several of these are roadside and have large areas of aquatic plants.


It's getting a little tougher to see bears in the area since many of the open dumps have been closed down. Bears often hang out at the dumps to get a free meal. The dump in Kokadjo still has bears visiting. The best chance to see them is after dark. However, a word of warning! These bears look freindly and passive when viewed from the inside of a vehicle, but you should remain in the car and do not feed or agitate the bears. Also, if you're tenting out remember to put your coolers and other food in the vehicle or in a safe place before going to bed. DO NOT PUT FOOD IN THE TENT WITH YOU!. Bears have a keen sense of smell and will not hesitate to give you a wake up call in the middle of the night if they think they can get a snack.


Deer have similar habits as moose in the summer months. Your best bet is to ride the roads or paddle around a pond in the evening. Check out the waters listed in the moose section for deer viewing.

Eagles and Ospreys:

These two majestic bird species frequent the Moosehead Lake area. Both these species will be found most often near water. Both birds feed on fish and eagles have an appetite for ducks as well. Seeing one is not a sure bet, but here are a few places to try. The upper end of Indian Pond on the East Outlet is a good chance to see both species. One of the most picturesque ponds in the region, Spencer Pond is also a good spot. Ospreys are commonly seen diving into the water to catch fish on the West Branch of the Penobscot River below Ripogenus Dam as well as the East Outlet of the Kennebec River.


Salmon? Yes, you can see salmon if you're visiting the area in late September through early October. One of the most spectacular sites to see in the area is the salmon jumping over Early's Falls on Wilson Stream near Sebec Lake. The falls are just 20 minutes from downtown Greenville in the town of Willimantic. When the flows and temperatures are right, the salmon begin their annual spawning migration from Sebec Lake up Wilson Stream. A 4 foot set of falls creates quite an obstacle for the salmon that range 12-24 inches in length . It is an awe inspiring sight to see several salmon a minute leap out of the rolling foam in their life and death struggle to reach their native spawning areas upstream.

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